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Linnie Malkin


Weight Training


Linnie Malkin is a current DI softball player at a Power 5 institution. As a collegiate softball player, Linnie earned 2nd team All-Region hitting 18 home runs in a single season (2nd on the team) in 2021. During the 2021 season, Linnie significantly contributed to her team winning a conference championship for the first time in program history.


Linnie Malkin earned her Bachelor’s in Recreation and Sport Management in 2021 from The University of Arkansas and is currently enrolled in the Human Resources and Development in the Workforce Master’s program. Alongside her decorated playing career, Linnie has experience in individual instruction, camps, and running team practices with players of all ages. She specializes in power production and the mental aspect of the game.

Warehouse Why

Softball has made me who I am today and gave me everything I have in life. You meet the most amazing people through sports and opportunities stem from softball that most things in life won't give you. Growing the sport of softball is my ultimate goal and teaching young girls that staying active and having a passion for softball will really lead them to amazing places. I owe so much to softball and providing the younger generation with everything I have learned will pay it back. I give lessons so girls can have the tools to become the best version of themselves on and off the field.

Linnie Malkin is a once in a lifetime kind of human being. Her demeanor can calm an anxious building in a matter of minutes. What impresses me most about her work as an instructor is her ability to relate so deeply to what her players are experiencing. Though she’s newer to instruction, she has made up for lost time in her eagerness to learn from anyone and anything, which makes her a phenomenal source of information for our athletes. Linnie may be quiet in nature but her energy, spirit, and soul roar so profoundly her eagerness to help others.

Megan Turk PhD
Lead Instructor and Owner
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